This is my first blog post.

Yo! So I’m trying to start my photography blog but as of writing, as you can see its a little empty here.  But bear with me, I'l be posting on a regular basis.

Anyway, let me lay the cards on the table. Here are the things I want you to see (and you will be chipping in, so get yourselves ready.)

1.       Photography blog

2.       Gear/ Book/ and other related stuff I can review

3.       Submissions of photos and gears (This is you! )

4.        My Gallery

5.       Shop (soon)

There you go. That's pretty much the general things I’ll be writing about, but let me stretch this a little more. Since no one reads the first blog post, Imma practice my writing skills here and tell you what I mean about these list I just gave..


Mostly street photography related. I’ve got loads of ideas already running in my mind on what to write here. Stuff like Street photography styles, trends, news, event. I’m also going to write tutorials and techniques on how to better your street game. I’m no expert though, so I’m saying it now, take everything I say in the future with a grain of salt. I going to share my thoughts about the Masters of street photography and maybe we all learn something about it. I'll also share with you places that I'll be traveling and what I've learned (photographed) there.


Yes, we all love reviews! It’s either we give in to G.A.S  or just power through it till the next temptation comes our way. I'll be reviewing cameras from film to digital, lenses, books, even the best gadgets and computers we use to help us with our photography lifestyle.


Now this is where I’ll be needing your help. I’ll be putting up (2) two categories for this and hopefully you guys will be kind enough to participate. Basically I'm asking you to submit photos so I can get you featured here. Click the links and you’ll find out what I’m talking about.

1.       Get Featured 

2.       Your Gears 

Please, please, please, help a brother out!

My Gallery:

Because I like sharing my street photographs, I’ll be putting the best ones here. Feel free to critic it too!


This will soon be up, I just need to get my logistics up and running. I'll try to get the best photography gears and other related stuff available here.