A Recap of 2017

The year 2017 marks as one of the most important year of my photography career. It's the year where I started being more serious about the craft that I do. This is the year I started working on my blog, my website and writing articles about street photography and traveling more frequently. It's a challenge but something I am glad to take. This is the year I pushed myself to find my photographic style and build my foundation as a photographer.

Even though 2017 was one of the hallmarks of my street photography journey, I have to admit, it's also the most challenging one. I've pushed myself to create a street photography and travel blog, The Most Vulnerable, and post articles about street photography on a regular basis. Creating contents and curating it is pretty demanding. First, you have to be determined in creating photographs. 2nd, You have to write a lot. Not just the articles for the week but you also have to write some in advanced. You always have to be thinking about the topics you want to talk about. 3rd, Scheduling is pretty tough for someone who has a day job. I have to balance my work and my passion if I want to make it work.

Good thing is, I've got my family, my wife and my friends who've always been supportive of the things I do. So even though running the blog challenges me, I've got a great support group behind me.

I started doing street photography back in 2014 just to bring the creativity out of me again. It's ironic how I, an Architect by profession lost the creativity but it's true. Not everybody knows that being creative is just a small part of being an Architect. There are factors such as managing projects and drawing detail, which aren't as creative as you would think.
So I had to release it. Re-ignite the creative in me. That's when I found photography. It started with reading and watching youtube videos like that of Eric Kim and researching what camera I wanted to use. Then finally, I bought my first camera.

I fell in love with street photography. Capturing the slices of life and permanently recording them is such a bliss for me. I've become a witness to a history. I don't care whether it's big or not, for me, it's important. The desire to travel then followed. I felt the need to get out of my comfort zone, travel from one country to another and photograph life. Experience life and keep a souvenir of it with me when I go back home. Now that 2018 is here, I promise to take more street photographs, to record life, to travel more and experience life.

I've got nothing but smiles and thanks for the year 2017. A year of opportunity and whole new experience for me as a growing street photographer. With a blog running, a portfolio constantly curating, and always finding ways to photograph the streets or go out of town to explore and experience other cultures, I am optimistic that this year of 2018, I will continue this with an even more stronger energy, drive, optimism, positivity, and eagerness. I'm planning to grow my blog even bigger, write more articles, take more photos, shoot even more film, explore, do more projects and improve myself overall as a street photographer.

With the fruitful year of 2017 now behind us and another hopeful and positive year of 2018 we now welcome, I want to give you a recap of the street photographs that I've shared and the journey I’ve taken in pursuit of becoming a better street photographer overall. Happy new year!

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