Get Featured No. 4: Lee

My name’s Lee and I shoot street photography with vintage lenses.

Originally from the UK, I now live in Shanghai, China, which is a great place to get out and about with your camera.

However, despite living in such a photogenic place, I did find myself not making photographs as often as I should have been. Especially as I have a photography blog myself.

So I decided to do a 365 project.

This started on my birthday in July and means making and uploading a new street photograph every day for a year.

The project - which got named the #leesixtyfive project - is into its third month at the time of writing, and I’m very happy with how it’s going so far.

There have been a couple of occasions when I’ve missed an upload, or have used two shots taken on the same day to catch up when life got in the way of making a new photograph every single day.

Some might say this devalues the project but I disagree.

It’s not about sticking the arbitrary rules. It’s about creating a body of work I’ll be proud to look back on in a year’s time.

Using a photograph a day or two old is better than including filler shots of the clouds or my dinner just to have each image be taken on the day it’s uploaded.

Once I’m finished I will still have made and uploaded 365 photographs in 365 days.

The creativity brought by the project is everything. There’s no way I would have taken 75 photographs (again, at the time of writing) in the last 75 days without it.

How the next 290, and the completed project, will turn out I have no idea. Despite me being behind the camera, it’s not really for me to decide.

All I can do is keep shooting and see where it goes.

You can check out my thoughts on how things went with the #leesixtyfive project shots 1 - 30 here and shots 31- 60 here.

To follow the rest of the project, find me on Instagram at @myfavouritelee or search the hashtag #leesixtyfive.

Thanks. :)

Good stuff, Lee. I support you in your 365 project! It takes dedication to do that and I'm sure you can pull that off!

And to all, I hope Lee had inspired you to start your own project as well! Check out his blog or follow his Instagram for more updates on his project.!

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