Get Featured No. 3: Dean Knowles

My interest in Street Photography cam to fruition back in 2014 during period of overseas working which included London then Seoul Korea. In this period I attended several courses within London relating to Street Photography. The interest in people and capturing the moment in order to tell a story increased my passion to explore this genre.

Street taught me so many things, but most of all your skills as a photographer are tested to the extreme, as your ability to react and understand your camera increases day by day. In my initial years the facebook group and the story behind Vivian Maier captured my imagination and still today her story was my main inspiration, of course over time many amazing street photographers have captured my interest. From this interest I developed Street Shades of Black (SSOB) as I believe that Black and White images helped me greatly in understanding the cosmetic look of street photography, which is not to say that colour is not representative as their are truly great images in colour. Unfortunately my group could not be maintained as the workload and requirements was extracting too much time, but the Gallery Page remains and my own images are now utilising this name within Instagram and Facebook (links provided).

Now returning home to Western Australia, the hardest thing is the acceptance of street let alone the opportunities to obtain such images as compared to other countries, so you have to fight hard to capture the moment, so my activity declined compared to that of my 10 years abroad.

My passion for street remains whilst also allowing my skills within others genres to improve ie portraits, events, weddings etc in which I operate under the 3abroad TM.

Hope you enjoy this selection of some of my images




Gallery Group from SSOB


Those are great images, Dean. My favorite it the man reading a newspaper with the light coming from the windows behind him.

I too have a great appreciation of Vivian's photographs. The fact that she was discovered way before the greats yet have presented images on par with them is big new for the Street photography scene.

What about you? Would you like to share your photographs here? Whether it's a series of photos, a story, or a project you created, send them in and I'd be happy to have them be part of this series!

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