Get Featured No. 5: Melvin Mapa

Hello! Thanks for inviting me in. I’m Melvin Mapa. I’m an independent documentary photographer based in Singapore. My enthusiasm for photography came about at an early age of 7 when my parents gave me a KODAK 110 camera which I use to take pictures of my family and neighbours. Having both parents as community servants, I grew up socially-aware and this was pivotal to my passion as a photographer.

Here’s a piece I wrote about street photography. This has been published online some years back and I thought of sharing it with you guys. 

Oh, by the way, if you want to see more of my work. We can catch up on Instagram and on my website.

Flirt with the curves, dance with the lines, and be in harmony with the elements.

In street photography, geometrical elements, relate to the balance and structure of forms within a picture. Though rarely used as the subject, it serves an important role in helping compose an interesting street photo. Masters, like Henri Cartier Bresson and Josef Koudelka, perfected this approach. They saw elements and visually arranged them in the viewfinder—they transformed what could be a normal picture and made it more appealing than it really was. Geometrical elements in a photograph force the eyes to linger on it (at least for a couple of minutes). Letting the eyes slide with the curves; blend with the medley of shapes; submit to its uniformity thus making it an effective street photograph. It brings out something what no one might have seen in a photograph. These elements are present everywhere. They throw themselves willingly to the photographer. The challenge now is to be strictly mindful and observe with great sensitivity to framing the arrangement of these elements.

One thing I like about Melvin's work is the sense of scale, lines, and geometry and how the elements in his photographs draw your eye towards the human elements. Each elements working hand in hand resulting in this grandeur print-worthy images. Greatly reminds me of Fan Ho's photographs.

If you guys are interested in seeing more of Melvin's work such as his documentary projects and fine art prints, just drop by and explore his website.

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