I'm glad and excited to announce that my first ever zine is now available for purchase at my BLURB page! This zine consists of 45+ photographs taken from Singapore of interesting moments and characters!

This year, my wife and I decided to return back to my home country and start a new chapter in our lives which made me decide to pay tribute and dedicate my 4 years work of street photographs taken in Singapore to no other than Singapore itself.

If you're interested you can visit my BLURB page, alternatively, you can also go to my SHOP page of this website for more prints and zines that will definitely be available soon! By the way, please share the link if you have a few more time on your hands, that would really help to spread my work to a larger audience. I'll really appreciate the help!

Four Years of Singapore
Four Years of ...
By Mambo Ferido
Photo book

Thank you all for the support!