I am everywhere but you can't see me. I'm here watching you in your most vulnerable state. I'm amongst the crowd, blended. I am your stalker in the light and in the dark. I walk behind you or beside you breathing the same air you breathe. I'll invade your space and I'll be gone before you notice me.

I am your stalker, I am your shadow always following you. You are in control until I come into your world. Do you feel me? Do you see me at your peripheral? I bet you could. But can you catch me? I doubt it. This is where I thrive. I got you now.

Perhaps you've seen my shadow, my reflection, but never the real me. You are always ahead of me, but I'm always two steps ahead of you.

This is an ongoing project I'm working on depicting the life of a street photographer, set in a dark (almost creepy?) themed interpretation. I think there is something is this element of darkness when a street photographer stalks and narrow down its subject. For the eagerness to capture and record a slice of life, the photographer has to hide in the shadows, blend with the crowd, pretend until the small window opens up and the chance to photograph the subject arises. This is what this project is all about. Documenting myself as part of the entire photograph, whether you see me or not, it's also my story.

 The images here started since 2015 but the project was only conceptualized by the end of 2017.  I will be adding more photos set in this theme.