Your Gear No. 4: Phil

Hi. My name is Phil and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I shoot street photography with a little landscape and family stuff mixed in. I shoot primarily film and have for over a year now. I do not own a digital camera except for my iphone.


My bag shot contains my go to set up.   The bag itself is a canvas bag I found on Ebay about 5 years ago. It has been around the world and is starting to lose some stitching so I'm looking for a new one.

Leica M2:  Its main purpose is my daily camera for anything and everything. It is also my favorite camera that I've ever owned. It fits in my hand perfectly and I love the simplicity of shooting with it.  I shoot the M2 with a 35mm Summicron Pre-ASPH 100% of the time.

Hasselblad 500C/M:  This is for portraits of my son. My plan is to use this to document his childhood. It also doubles as my landscape camera and it is fun and challenging to use. I use a standard Zeiss 80mm lens for this and that the only one for now.

Other cameras:  I also own a Rollei 35s which I inherited from my late grandfather. He was a photographer while in the U.S. Navy and a photography nut. I use this as my portable option while out cycling. I also have a friend's Bessa R3A as a backup. He left it with me when he moved to Australia and won't allow me to send it back to him so it's occupying my house despite its quirks.

Odds and ends:  Digisix light meter since it's compact and it works, JCH film cases, Artisan Obscura wood sets, Portra for color and HP5+ for black and white.

My work can be found on Instagram @bostonemulsion.   

Aside from the beautiful cameras Phil has, which I am drooling over the M2 most especially, is he's got amazing street photographs up in his Instagram account. You guys might want to check it out.

Great stuff and I like your plan with your Hassy. Can't beat a long time project documenting your son and family.

Thanks for being a part of this! And if any of you want to get your gears featured here too, send it to me and let's keep this page rolling!

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