Your Gear No. 2: Derald Umali

Hi, I'm Derald, part of the Thirty Five Studio YouTube team. We're a duo where we document our personal experiences shooting film as beginners. It's a channel where we document the joys, quirks, and nuances of film photography. Our content focuses on different cameras, films, and photography themes. With this, we collect various film cameras from cheap point and shoots to unique medium formats. 

The picture I submitted is my own personal collection. My first film camera is the Kodak KE30 which is our family's own camera from the early 2000's. Surprisingly, it still works well. The second camera I have is the Rolleiflex (which is currently not working). It's a gift from my late aunt which I hope can still be restored in the future. The next camera I have is the Canonet 28 this is actually the first film camera that I ever bought. I've had this for 3 months. For me this is still the most tricky camera to use. I'm having a hard time with the zone focusing/ rangefinder mechanism which is why I look forward to shooting more rolls with this camera to get used to it. The next camera is my Nikonos V. I love the ocean and surfing. So when I came across this camera at a really affordable price, I didn't hesitate to buy it right away. Its lens is pretty sharp and overall build quality is great. I'm still looking forward to trying this out in one of my surf trips soon. 

The remaining cameras are from my recent thrift store finds. The Olympus OM-30 had a lot of lens fungus. At first we were hesitant to use it, but we gave it a go using a Fuji C200 and we were surprised with the results (which you can see in our YouTube channel). The Pentax ME is what I'm looking forward to the most. I already tried to test it once unfortunately the lab I went to didn't handle the film properly and ended up overdeveloping the negative which ended up ruining the whole roll. I will definitely test this again in the future. This camera is what I plan to be my daily/go-to camera. It's so small and the build quality is really solid. The two remaining point and shoots (Mju zooms) are yet to be tested. But I plan to use them as a "glove box" camera. Easy to use and portable point shoots where you can easily bring to parties or events. 

So this is my small gear collection. I hope you can also support our humble YouTube channel by watching our videos and by subscribing. 

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                  @deraldumali (personal account)

Nice collection you have there Derald, especially that sexy black Mju! I've seen great photos with that camera. Hope you get that Rolleiflex fixed. That'll be awesome.

Also, I'd like to say, you've got something going on there with your youtube channel. Good stuff!

Thanks for being a part of this! And if any of you want to get your gears featured here too, send it to me and let's keep this page rolling!

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