Your Gear No. 3: Matt Brass

Hi. First off I am by no Means a Professional Photographer, I Just Really Enjoy Film Photography and Shoot Mostly Street/Travel.

I started out with my a DSLR and quickly realised there was just no Life in it and quickly fell out of love with Digital, I Still own an Entry Level DSLR, which I use occasionally. but I have no interest in filled my life with digital gear. (Expensive Hobby)


Now On to my Gear Bag:

Nothing particularly special in terms of bag, I use a canvas rucksack with an insert inside to protect my gear. I use decided to use a rucksack as i tried using a messenger style bag but just couldn't get on with carrying it round all day with me, using the rucksack I can get all my gear plus extra into the bag and I'm not a target for a thief.

My Primary Camera I am always using lately is my Yashica Electro35 GS, this is the first rangefinder I have owned and used and I just fell in love with the rangefinder system as soon as I used it, for the street
it is just flawless, I can Zone focus on the Fly with this thing so quickly, I do not even have to think twice. Second Up is My Oly XA3, This camera was handed down to me by my Dad and it hold a very special place in my Collection because of this. I use this when I don't want to draw too much attention so I can get those really Candid shots thanks to its ultra quiet shutter.

In the Middle of the Shot is the Films i'm currently using, My last Roll of Agfa Vista 200 (I love this film and was so sad when I heard its being Discontinued). Kodak Colourplus 200, Ilford HP5 for B&W, and some Cinestill 800T which i am saving for my trip to the Cologne Christmas markets later this year.
I keep all my film in a Black JCH 5 roll Case, there is rarely a time when i will need more than 5 films at any one time.

I always have my GoPro Hero4 with me, i keep this as a just in case more than anything and i also like to Video my trips away in a Vlog Style, and nothing beats the GoPro.

Having the Gorilla Pod is just a Life saver in low light situations and i can get some different kind of shots using a tripod. and Last but not least is i always carry a Notepad and Pen, just incase i need to remember anything.

I Hope You enjoy

Matt B

you Can find my Photostream at

Thanks for sharing Matt! I remember when I finally decided to shoot film, that Yashica (or a Canon Canonet) was actually my first choice as I really wanted to get a rangefinder back then but unfortunately I couldn't find a good one so I ended up with a Canon A-1 an SLR. Not a bad choice though and never regretted getting it. Keep traveling mate!

Thanks for being a part of this! And if any of you want to get your gears featured here too, send it to me and let's keep this page rolling!

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