Your Gear No. 1: Mambo

Hi, I’m Mambo, creator of this website and it’s my pleasure to present to you my weekend bag shot! Well, I try to take photographs as much as I can but I’ve got a day job and I usually leave the office around 6pm, and the sun's already going down. Ha! Ok, I’m making excuses.

Ok, so anyway I am being honest when I said I usually shoot on weekends but I do bring a camera with me almost 80% of the time during the weekday. You know, if something interesting happens at least I’ve got my Leica M6 with me ready to take that picture. But then, just a couple of weeks as of writing this, I’ve bought a Nikon 35Ti point and shoot camera. Originally, I planned on either selling this little camera or replacing my M6 with it as my main shooter.  So the plan was to bring this every day with me to test a couple of rolls. But damn that camera is so fun to use especially with that silent shutter and force flash button, I decided to just keep it and have it as my “daily shooter”.

My camera bag is pretty small, so I sometimes put it inside my backpack when I’m off to work. On weekends, I usually bring two cameras with me. I’m not really sure why I do that but I just do. Only one camera is used most of the day.

The bag is a 4-year old Think Tank Retrospective 5 which is big enough to carry two cameras plus the necessary things for the day. The first camera is my Leica M6 which is paired with the Sekonic L-308s light meter. I do use the M6’s built in light meter, but I prefer to read the light through Sekonic so I get a generally exposed photograph when I fire the shutter. Next is my Nikon 35Ti which I find very fun to use. When it's just about getting that photo and moving to the next one, point and shoot is the way to go.

I don’t normally finish a roll of film on an average day of shooting but I still bring my JCH half case filled with 35mm films. My choice of films pictured here are 5 Kodak TriX, two of them are expired. I think I have a Superia 800 loaded on my 35Ti too. I just recently started shooting color negatives again. The next one to make it into the bag is a notebook where I write down some ideas but usually, I just jot down some notes for the day’s shooting experience. The rest are some batteries and my iPod touch to listen to while I'm commuting.

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